Monday, July 7, 2014

The Last Post - We're Moving!!!

It's official. Prairie Gal Cookin' will no longer be just a Blogger blog - It's now a brand new website!

The plan to move the blog started working its way into my mind a few months ago -  actually, it's been there since day one of creating it. I always hoped to have a big enough blog that I'd have an actual site someday.. And you know what? It's finally happened!

I'm still sorting through and updating things on the new site, so please be patient! I will warn you, the pages are not completely up to date. This is something that will take a little more time. As of about an hour ago, I was still trying to decide if to officially announce that the blog was moving yet, or to wait until everything was just perfect. I finally came to the decision that I will always be finding little things to tweak and that I'd waited long enough without posting something on here!

So, here I am, telling all of you that the blog is moved. I feel as if I need to repeat the fact that I'm still updating the pages, etc. But I'm sure you'll all understand! (Hopefully... )

Thank you for reading all of this craziness and hopefully you'll continue to read about it over at the new site!


New Site -