What Once Was Green
I'm amazed at how fast the wheat is changing colors! Around 10 days ago, I took a couple of pictures and shared them with you of this same field that I'm showing today. (Here's the link to A Field of Green Wheat) Whenever I see golden wheat, it reminds me that summer is fast approaching (as is the 4th of July!). From the looks of this field, wheat harvest is too!


A Walk Around The Farm
I went for a walk around the farm this afternoon. Just as you step outside the garage door, you're greeted with the sight of six little kittens and a very protective mother (for an example of how protective she is, just ask our dog what happens when he gets within ten feet of her babies!)

 I was sitting right beside the kittens when all of a sudden, a horrendous racket started right behind me. Guess who it was? The turkey toms that have nothing better to do than quietly sneak up on poor unsuspecting people and cats.

 I wasn't the only one that jumped! The noise brought up quite a few little heads.

 Everywhere I went, the turkey boys had to follow and cackle along right behind me.

 We made a pit-stop in the garden and checked out the plants. The mint is loving the rain we've been getting! 

After that, I went out to check on the turkey hen maternity ward. Can you find the babes?

 Sadly, there are only two left out of the original four in this brood. But they're happy and healthy!

 Tom was getting rather fed up with my ignoring him and his howling, so he decided to start putting on a show.

 (Side note - The peaches are growing!)

I finally sat down and gave Tom the attention he thought he deserved…

After a bit, he decided he'd had enough of me and went to sleep.

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

A Field of Green Wheat
 Earlier this afternoon, I went for a quick ride up to the pasture along with a couple of tag-alongs. We stopped and took just a moment to enjoy the scene of a green wheat field with a storm in the background. I happened to have my camera (Yep, I see that face. At this point, you would almost expect me to take my camera everywhere, wouldn't you?!) so I snapped a couple of pictures.

First, the green wheat with a storm rolling this way in the background.

And then I had to show the five year old how to pop the wheat berries out of the wheat heads. He was pretty happy with the yummy little green berries!


Flowers of the Pasture and Prairie

All but this first picture were taken today in our pasture/prairie. I was in a shutterbug mood, it wasn't terrible muddy from the rain, and there were flowers popping up everywhere!


A Play On Colors
This post has been one of the most fun to create in awhile! On these pictures, I edited colors, lighting, exposure, etc. Here's how a few of the pictures turned out:


Just Hangin' at the Reservoir
This is what results when I'm at a large reservoir watching the guys crappie fish. Luckily, I had my camera, or I would have been sorely tempted to go for a swim (No, not really. Or at least not where we were fishing!) Sadly, we caught nothing that time, but we did have some fun! Here's the two pics that turned out decent from our little trip:


A Few Pictures

 It was so funny to watch our dog in the wheat field the other day. He would see something and then hold perfectly still….

 After a few seconds, he'd pounce and then walk around with his nose to the ground. All you'd see was a dog body without a head wandering around the field! Needless to say, we got a laugh out of it!


Before the Freeze
We just had a wonderful rain! Only downer to it is that it's suppose to freeze hard tonight. And maybe snow. Ugh. So I wanted to go snap a few shots of the spring blooms and such before the cold front hit. Here's a few:

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

This afternoon, I went to take pictures around an old farm. It was sad to see the abandoned flower beds and chicken pens, the old machinery and a little child's toys. It all looked like someone had just walked away one day and never looked back. A pair of jeans were still hanging by the door and the old porch swing swaying like the old man was on it. Here are a few of my pictures:


It's Spring!!!
It was finally warm enough today that we could work the garden and clean up around the place. The ladybugs were out and the baby dill is finally starting to peek its head out of the ground. 


A Bird's Eye View
This afternoon we were in the process of cleaning up around our farm and we found that our zip-line needed some tightening. So we tightened it and then my brother and I hitched a ride on the forks of the forklift. Before long, we were 20 feet above the ground… then 30… and finally 42 feet above the earth. If you want to get technical, my camera was approximately 48 feet above the third planet from the sun… AKA, Earth. Thankfully, I had my camera strapped around my neck and so I snapped a few pics.

On a side note, if it hadn't been for the fact that I wanted pictures so badly, I'm sure I would have passed out… Ugh, I've found that heights (that include standing on a pallet on two forks almost 50 above the ground) and I do not get along!
On the bright side, it's amazing how far you can see!

Nothing much


Just Because
Boy. What a day! And the weather… Oh my.

- First it sprinkled rain… 

- Then it decided to hail… 

- Then it decided to play the winter card and start snowing. 

- Lastly, it finished it off with a nice little shower and some wind. I guess it just couldn't decided what mood it wanted to be in today!

I snapped this picture a few days ago… I just found it humorous that our dog decided to go for the Dumbo effect (for those of you that haven't seen Dumbo, it's a Disney film about an elephant that flies with his ears.) 

Hope ya'll are having a great Thursday!!

Just A Thought

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”  - John Steinbeck

A World Of White
Brrrr… It's all of 27* out. But that's not the bad part. The bad part is the wind blowing the snow around your head. On the other hand, if you are a shutterbug (like me) then you will find the snow the perfect opportunity for some pictures. Anyway, please (for your safety and comfort), wrap your toes and fingers and stay inside!

Our river has turned into an icy little stream.. Guess I won't be swimming any time soon!


Rainbow Lake
Sunday afternoon, a couple friends and I went to look at an abandoned rock quarry, nicknamed "Rainbow Lake". It was interesting how many different little caves or nooks n crannies there were! It is said that the limestone the Marion County Courthouse is made out of came from this quarry.


The Kansas Sun

This is just a collection of pictures I've taken of Kansas sunrises and sunsets.

None have been enhanced or had any touch-ups! Hope you enjoy!


The Other Day

The other day I was standing in the office with my camera in hand doing absolutely nothing. So I decided to go visit the guys in the shop and then take a walk.. Here's what I ended up with:


Almost A Year In Pictures
Today, because it's Friday and I'm bored.. I wanted to share some pictures from this past year with ya'll! Some you might have seen before, others you haven't. (There's alot of 'em.. So if you just want a quick glance, I'd forgo reading this one 'till a little later!)

 "One sheep. Two sheep. Three sheep..."

 "What?!? You with the camera again?!?"

 This was when our corn field was underwater (as was everything around our place!)

 Wheat harvest.

This is my lil' buddy from VBS!

 These pics were from corn harvest.

 I was bored. So I canned lots of apples. I needed help... Badly..

 Fish fry!

 This was when I was helping the guys tear apart some old train box cars. It was very, very dusty. But fun!

"Hey cuz! What's up?"
"Chocolate-Oreo Pie. That's what!"


Snow Days
First we had ice pellets. Then it turned to snow. Now there's lots of snow. 

If you've been following my blog much, you probably remember that I love snow. Snow makes all the cold weather worth it and much more enjoyable for those of us that tend to lose all feeling in our toes from October through April. People like me!

I really think I should clarify. I meant the beauty of watching the snow fall is what makes it worth it. 

Watching it.

Watching from inside a very warm bubble. 

With hot cocoa. 

And my cat. 

Then is this cold weather worth it! 

I'll be quiet now.

Riding the snowmobile around is fun, but only when bundled, and allowing for "warm-up" breaks every 30 mins at least. Trust me. You'll need those breaks!

Enjoy the snow!

Ice, Ice, And More Ice!

Sunday Evening Drive
We went for a drive this evening. Here's what it resulted in:

Have a wonderful week!

Our Winter Weather
It's frigid out. No joke!


Winter Wonderland? Not So Much!
It's only 20 some degrees outside right now. It's frigid. So how do you beat the cold on evenings like this?? Light a fireplace, make a pot of soup, set up the Christmas tree, and listen to Christmas music all night? Right on! (You are so smart! How did you guess??)

"Eek!! Please. Ditch that camera!!" Poor Sammy...

"What's that you say? This is ice? Then that would explain why I'm still running on dry!"
This afternoon I went out to do animal chores. It was awful! By the time I headed back towards the house my fingers were turning colors, I couldn't feel my toes, and my face was on fire! (Weird. I know.) If you must leave your warm house in the next few days, please, be sure your gloves have all their fingers intact! It really helps...

Turns out the water hydrant was frozen by the bird pens and chicken house, so we got to lug our water from another hydrant over to fill up all the pans. But before that we got to break the ice in them.. Yay.. Not really.. Yuck.
Can you tell that I'm not the cold weather (but no snow) kinda person? I like my warm little air bubble complete with hot cocoa, a movie, and cookies in the house. If there's snow and a snowmobile waiting for me outside then I'm always in! But if there's no snow and it's just cold, then I'm out. All the way out..

Even the trees were starting to get covered in ice. Which was kinda sad looking at the little buds on some of them.

Hope you have a great (and warm) evening!

Turkey Time?
Yesterday afternoon was beautiful! No jackets (or layers and layers of jackets like today), just flannel shirts and open doors. Because of how nice it was out I wanted to go snap some pics of our turkeys. Here's a few:

Here's what we think is a hen.. Maybe... It's a turkey. We have figured out that much!

Here's the tom. I think he needs a name, don't you?

Maybe Tom. Or Gobbles. Or maybe Babbles. Or maybe- I need to stop. We'll just stick with Tom. Short, sweet, and to the point. I like it.

Such a pretty boy! He finds me annoying because his girls forget him whenever there are people around! They come to me and leave him, so he has to start strutting around to get them back. It sorta works.. At least for a while..

It's November!!!

It's November, and I'm back in the land of the living, my friends!! 

By November, I mean that the leaves have almost finished changing colors and falling (so there are some great shots) and it's also almost Thanksgiving... One of my favorite holidays... 

And by I'm back, I mean that I'm close to healthy again! Yay! This past week, the only things that kept me going were Ibuprofen, Kleenex, and Ibuprofen. Did I say Ibuprofen? Anyway, since I was feeling better earlier this evening, I decided to go out and snap some pics, and boy am I glad I did! The sunset was beautiful and the crisp air was just what I needed to cure a little cabin fever.

 Hi Sammy!

 Yes, you know you're cute...

 Now you're playing coy? Oh brother.. What a cat!

 Cy mamera is outa cocus.. Oh wait. That's me. I meant to say that my camera is out of focus..

 There. That's better!

Tornado? Oops, false alarm! Just a storm cloud...

Have a wonderful evening! Ashleigh

Just My Day...

Go, buddy, go!!!


Just A Few More Pictures…

Hello guys!!! (I've made friends with some of the neighborhood cattle!)

This really shouldn't be in here. But I'm craving some ultimate nachos... right now... I really need some... Aghh
I'm off to go find something else to satisfy my craving... Have a great evening!

Fall in the Flint Hills

Yesterday, a couple of friends took my brother and I to see their pastures in the Flint Hills. (Thank you!) We had a great time! The Flint Hills are always pretty, but they're beautiful during fall. I did snap some pics, so I hope you enjoy them!

Then we went to Cedar Point and checked out the old abandoned feedlot...

 And then the mill.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great day! Ashleigh

It's Early Fall

Right before sunset this evening, I went for a two-mile walk. Of course, I just had to take my camera along and snap some pics! It's early fall, and the trees are just starting to change their colors. Maybe a freeze tonight will help them move along a bit... 

 The river behind our house.

Two of our turkeys messing around outside of their pen... Where they should be.... 

 The bean field beside our house after being cut. 

One of the last few baby sunflowers left by the road. 

Have a wonderful evening! Ashleigh

Just a walk...
Yesterday afternoon, I decided to just take off and go on a walk... And I should really do that more often! It feels good to just ignore everything and take a breather once in a while. And it's a great time to pray.
It kinda reminded me of one of my favorite Bible verses: Psalm 23:2 ~ "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters," Although our pastures aren't exactly green right now, it still sorta fits.

Have a great weekend!

Bye, Bye, Summer!

*sniffle* Yesterday was the last day of summer, and as much as I love fall... I don't think I was quite ready to lose certain privileges that you can only have during the summer.
Anyway, I thought I might post a few random pictures from this past summer.. Hope ya like 'em!

Meet my top models, the cattle next door and I have a very good working relationship! Let's say we've bonded through the lens of my camera!

This was when we were flooding a lot. A couple of feet under the surface of the water is the bridge, when the water level is low it is usually around 7-8 feet deep on the south side of the bridge... Wonder what it was here?!?!

Fine. Be that way... (I take it they don't like me anymore!)

Thanks for listening to me ramble! Have a great day, Ashleigh.

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