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I'm Ashleigh and welcome to my blog - Thanks for visiting!
          For me, this blog is a way to share my love of living in a farming community through the lenses of my camera, and also a way to share my love of cooking! I blog about family, food, faith, life in our neck of the woods, and almost everything in between!

          First, a little about me - I'm a country girl, but I've been known to wear my share of black pumps and visit a Coach boutique or two. I'm quirky - I do strange things and love surprising people by throwing a "sophisticated" new word or two into a conversation. I can ride (and keep up with!) the guys on four-wheelers; but I can also shop for the day with the gals. A side note about me  - I don't pay retail price. My thrifty obsessions are eBay, Craigslist, garage sales, and auctions. (You never know what you might find!)

          I can belt out most country and 80's rock songs while doing dishes and it won't take much persuading to get me to plop down and watch almost anything from Walker, Texas Ranger and M.A.S.H. to VeggieTales and Barbie with the little folks.

          Switching gears a bit - I live on a farm in Central Kansas. We have a large amount of various poultry varieties and a few other animals. If you've looked around on this blog much, no doubt you've probably seen some of the critters from our zoo! I post almost as many pictures of them as I do of food.

          I started "cooking" when I was a little girl and would help mom in the kitchen. With scrambled eggs and cake mixes, I learned my way around the kitchen and worked my way up from there to making several-step dishes and homemade angel food cakes. I've had my share of "oops", but no matter how often I say I'll never cook again, I always end up right back there in the kitchen, pouring my heart into some new dish. The feedback I get from my family helps to decide what makes it onto the blog; either the dishes could improve with some tweaking (or in some cases, a lot of tweaking!), or sometimes, they turn out amazing! For me, the most satisfying feeling is when the entire family loves something and asks if I wrote down the recipe, because this one is definitely a keeper!

          I've always been a "shutterbug", but in the past few years, my hobby has really taken off. I can now go for a walk and instead of coming back with one non-blurry picture, I come back with several "fair-worthy" photographs. This blog is a way for me to share these pictures for lots of people to enjoy! Before Christmas of 2013, all of my pictures where taken with a Canon Powershot. For Christmas, I received a Canon Rebel T3. I can't begin to describe how much I love this camera! I was unsure of it because of the size - No worries! The quality of the pictures more than makes up for it. Thanks to it, the pictures on the blog have become much, much better!
If you've read all of this, than thank you! Hopefully it helps you to understand a little more about the blog and I.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." - Psalm 119:105

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