Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pink Camo

I really, really love pink camo. It's just a fact. But although I'm sure it's hard for you to believe, I don't own one single pink camo thing... yet! Maybe I'll fix that sometime soon! :) 
Until then, here's my wishlist:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Visit to the Cornfield!

We made it to the field again today! It wasn't too hot, but there was a nice breeze to blow the dust in your face... Here's some pics: 

Eek! We missed one!!

I caught this pic while it was running down the road...Little blurry, but not bad!

Gauges, gauges, and more gauges! (In the Peterbilt)

At the coop in the Pete.

Heading into the elevator to dump...

At the coop in the Kenworth. 
(Birdo, you really need to clean your windshield!!!)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Duck Dynasty

 I just recently decided to watch some of Duck Dynasty because I'd heard so much about it... It's my new stress relief program. When I'm sick of whatever I'm doing, I just watch a few clips! And don't even ask about my favorite person on it... I have no way of picking just one!
Duck Dynasty logic... #funny #lolduck dynasty quotes I have got to find out what duck dynasty is.... that is funn

Duck dynasty
Have a great Monday! Ashleigh

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wheat Harvest (this past summer)

I started this blog after wheat harvest, so I didn't have a chance to share any pics of it with you! So, because I love taking pictures around harvest time and got a few random shots that turned out half-way decent.. I'd like to show 'em to ya!

In the combine.. in the field...

In the combine... On the road!
And we are off to the next field!

Bye, Bye, Summer!

*sniffle* Yesterday was the last day of summer, and as much as I love fall... I don't think I was quite ready to lose certain privileges that you can only have during the summer.
Anyway, I thought I might post a few random pictures from this past summer.. Hope ya like 'em!

Meet my top models, the cattle next door and I have a very good working relationship! Let's say we've bonded through the lens of my camera!

This was when we were flooding a lot. A couple of feet under the surface of the water is the bridge, when the water level is low it is usually around 7-8 feet deep on the south side of the bridge... Wonder what it was here?!?!

Fine. Be that way... (I take it they don't like me anymore!)

Thanks for listening to me ramble! Have a great day, Ashleigh.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fish Fry!!!

     Yesterday, was a long day... There was tomato canning, fixing of tractors, cattle getting out, and then a fantastic fish fry to top it all off!
     A couple of days ago, a kind soul gave my mom a 26 pound box of tomatoes... Now what do you do with 26 pounds of tomatoes??? You can 'em! We didn't get quite all of them canned, but a lot of them! Now they are sitting in nice neat quart jars on our counter, waiting to join the 50 some quarts of green beans in the storeroom. It's a good feeling...
     The tractor fixing and cattle getting out is really another story, so I'll skip to the fish fry.

First, we had wonderful, homemade hush-puppies. The crunchy outside and soft breaded inside are perfect together!

Then we had corn ears from my grandparents garden. It was delicious, especially with salt, pepper, and butter... Yummy!

 Then the main dish, the fish! It was crisp and crunchy on the outside, while juicy and yummy on the inside. The fish were channel and flathead catfish. Needless to say, it was a great ending to a long day!