My Favorite Etsy Finds
     Etsy is a amazing site full of crafty ideas and little projects. Not only does it have a wide market of handmade items, but it also is host to a huge amount of vintage wares as well. If something is considered vintage, it has to be at least over 20 years old to be sold on Etsy. You never know what all you might find, so I've compiled a list of my favorite ideas. Maybe these will help kick start some creative thinking of your own...

I love looking for camera straps and I love leather; so when I saw this I was thrilled. It's the same thing that guitar straps are made of, so it's quite large and comfortable. $32, a lot less than some of the other leather straps I've seen!

I don't know why I liked these so much. Probably because they're very unique bookmarks. These are copper feather bookmarks. They come in a set of three (for less than $4!) and have the hole at the end to thread through beads, ribbons, etc. If you'd like another kind of metal bookmark, click on their store as they have several others.
You can find them here: 3 Copper Feather Bookmarks

I love terrariums! This one is especially neat because of the Marimo, shells, and water inside it. A Marimo is a living Japanese moss ball, these little babies are found only in a handful of small lakes in Japan and even have a yearly festival held in their honer! A super easy plant to care for, they only require low lighting and an occasional water change. They're $25 and the shop only ships in the US.
You can find them here: Marimo Terrarium

This would make a great gift for that geo-lovin', traveler, or map-lovin' person in your life. Coasters, are something almost everyone needs/uses and these have the extra bonus of a 1954 student map on top. Great conversation starters, too! They're $24 for a set of six coasters. 
You can find them here: Set of 6 World Map Coasters

This is another great idea I love. Very similar to the next idea, but not quite. These wall planks are very versatile, they hold flowers or herbs, but can also hold cotton balls, q-tips, etc in the bathroom. Made of recycled wood that is weathered and rustic, and can be made custom. One plank of jars is $25.
You can find them here: Mason Jar Wall Hanger Planter

This is a more expensive version of the one right before this. For $85 you will receive a custom repurposed window shutter, 4 mason jars, a bag of stones (to go in the bottom of the jars), and a few pages of herb growing tips. It has a strip of burlap at the top of the shutter in order to hang it in your kitchen (or any other room). 
You can find this item here: Recycled Shutter Mason Jar Herb Garden

Love this idea! For $25, a set of 3 hand painted pint mason jars. One in dark brown, one tan, and one pink. You can email the creators for a custom order if you like. (Flowers and tablecloth aren't included.)  I think these would be some great center pieces with some flowers inside…. Hmm.. Brainstorming in process!
You can find them here: Set of 3 Mason Jar Vases

I've wanted a set of these towels for a long time! Maybe I'll finally break down and buy a set. This is a screen printed towel (for $15 a piece) and would be great to hang in a country themed kitchen. 

My last great find on Etsy was this little cork garden. For $14 you will receive 4 little zen inspired wine cork planters with hand drawn lines and stamped with Chinese characters meaning "health", "good luck", "longevity", and "love". The centers are drilled out for you to fill with soil and little herbs or succulents. 
You can find them here: Mini Wine Cork Garden

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! 

Reusing Broken Crayons - Crayon Discs
This is a super fun way to reuse broken crayons! Not only can you reuse the crayons, but all of your little helpers can work alongside you. 

You'll need:
Broken crayons
Muffin tin
Cooking spray

 Preheat the oven to 275*. 
Start by cleaning up the crayons and pulling off the paper.

 Grease the muffin tin and start dropping the crayons in it.

 Have fun mixing the colors up! We liked doing different shades and then we had one muffin cup for "sparkle" crayons only. 

 Be sure to have the little helpers help peel and dump the crayons in the tin as well!

 Set the tin in the oven for 10 - 20 minutes. Watch them carefully as different colors will melt quicker then others. As soon as they've melted, pull them out and let the pan sit on a table for 15 minutes. Then place it in the freezer for 5 - 10 minutes or until the edges start to pull away from the sides.

 Pop the little crayon discs out and set them on waxed paper to finish cooling.

For The Love Of Mason Jars
My latest obsession is Mason jars. Actually, any kind of canning jars, be them Mason, Ball, etc. There are so many different ways to repurpose them. You can use them to decorate, organize, and beautify.
Here's a few of my favorite ways to use them:

You can use them for lighting...

Herb planters...

 Smelly candles (I know you guys just love 'em!)

 Mini terrariums…

 Succulent planters…

 Home decor (love the white plates and blue jars!)

 Cookie mixes (great gifts!)

 Kitchen Canisters…

Or little greenhouses to help start your baby plants.

Now this one isn't really using any jars. But I figured it could fit in this post anyway! I think this one is my favorite of them all…


Magic Balloon Treats
I just thought these were kinda fun/cute!

DIY Thanksgiving Decor
I love Thanksgiving! So much orange and red around us, the smells, the leaves, and most of all? The food! And so, with Thanksgiving on my mind and it only a week away, I wanted to post a few cute craft/decor ideas I ran across. Enjoy!

DIY Thanksgiving Votives | In The Next 30 Days
These are quite simple. Just find some matching clear glass jars/cups/glasses (maybe canning jars?) and fill 3/4 of the way with lentils, beans, cranberries, corn kernels, wheat, milo, etc. You could even do several different kinds, giving it a "layered" look. Place a small candle in the jar and then poke in a few leftover beans around the sides.

Take small pumpkins or gourds, trace around the outside of the candle you want to put in them, and then cut out the tops following your trace. Place in your little candle!

All you'll need is some white pumpkins and berry-twigs. Wipe off the pumpkins and wrap the berries around them, secure with a little hot glue.

If you still have a few leaves around your house that have a bit of green in them and aren't completely dry and crunchy, simply take some beader's wire and string the leaves on it, close to the stem (where they might be a bit stronger). Hang over a doorway or fireplace.

15+ DIY Thanksgiving Decorations
I'm crazy 'bout wreaths. I love 'em. Their simple, easy, and look really pretty! I have no link for this picture, but it's just an idea to help your wheels get a turnin'!

Start a tradition, like this DIY Thanksgiving gratitude tree.
This is a great idea and you could either have one per person or just one for the whole family. Cut out leaves and think of one thing you're thankful for every day during November. I know it's a little late to start this now, but you could do it for the month of December. Maybe...

diy thanksgiving table decorations apples place cards

Place holders? Small, sweet, and quite cute. Plus the guests can take their apples home with them!

diy thanksgiving decorations wheat stalks bundle candles

I really like this idea! Only thing I'm missing is the wheat.... But I can substitute, right?

13 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces
This idea calls for popcorn kernels, jars or candle holders, small metal discs, candles, acorns, a bowl and a few leaves. Place your jars or candle holders in the bowl and dump the acorns around them. Fill the jars 1/2 full with the popcorn kernels, place the metal disc on top of them, and then place the candle on top of that. Add a couple of leaves for decor and you're done!

Print and cut out some letters and tape them inside some small candle holders. Take a paint marker and trace around them on the outside and then fill it in. Let them dry, remove the letters and tape, then fill with rocks, grains, seeds, moss, or nuts and place on a tray or arrange over a fireplace mantle.

Peel off most of the husks off the corn ears and place around a large candle holder or vase. Wrap tightly with a bow and enjoy!

Thanksgiving table decor, pumpkins in glass vase

This is super simple. A tall glass vase and lots of little pumpkins. Simply layer those little babies inside the vase and place on the table. A conversation starter and pretty centerpiece done in less then 20 seconds!

DIY Thanksgiving placemats

"I'm Thankful For" place mat.

pilgrim chipmunks with silverware, fun fall decorations
Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, from my friends and I!

DIY Christmas Decor

It's that time of year. The time where you can think about Christmas, but not worry about it. You can plan Thanksgiving dinner, but not prepare it. And you can look forward to the Superbowl parties, but let it go no further than that.
     So because we're halfway through October, because it's cold outside, and because I love Christmas.. I decided to post a few ideas for diy Christmas decor (yes, the rumor is true... I'm obsessed with diy projects). I found these ideas all over the net, most have links to the directions. Have fun!

DIY ornament
All you need for this one is some metal bead wire, small jingle bells and a ribbon. String the bells onto the wire and wrap in a circle. Tie with a ribbon!
DIY ornament - Try this with plastic & put it on a light box.
DIY ornament tree
DIY Glitter Ornaments
And these last four are all from the same wonderful place:

How cuteHopefully you are now inspired to try your hand at creating Christmas ornaments!

More DIY Projects!

Now that it's fall and cooler outside, we'll have little bit more time indoors.. right? So why don't we do a few crafts??? Here's a few ideas, only thing is I couldn't find any links for them... So I guess we'll wing it!

I love this idea! It's cute and you can write anything you want. Maybe use your last name and have it like a welcome sign??

This is a trash can that was spray painted and then flipped over. Love it.

This is really cool but id make a design in it or use multiple colors
I just thought this one was pretty, only thing I would change is that I would want several colors and/or a pattern.

And this is my favorite idea, take little beads and melt them in a metal cake pan, drill a hole, and hang with fishing string!
Have a great day!

     About a month ago, I was surfing around on Facebook and I came across what looked to be a link to a very colorful drawing. I like to dabble in the art of drawing some, so I clicked on it. What I found caused me to become addicted to color pens and blank scraps of paper. Doodling. Yep, I still think of two year olds when I hear the term 'doodling'. But wait until you see these pictures!
After I searched on pinterest looking for inspiration as to 'how' to doodle, I found these pics, hope you like 'em!
doodle art-journal-doodles-tangles-sketches
Drawing Inspiration - great exercise for improving drawing skills for anyone regardless of skill.
Doodle tangle pattern practice
I wish I had one like that

Pinterest Love

 I'm in love... Really... Ahh, So this is what it feels like?!?! *Drops off Cloud 9* Okay, I'm back to earth, my new found love is Pinterest! It has everything on it from crafts and cooking, to trucks and fourwheelers. It really does have everything, and if you can't find it? Just upload it!
     So I was looking on there this morning and found some really cool crafts that I thought I might share... I mean what girl doesn't need a few cute, little diy project ideas on standby???
     So here's what I found:
DIY earring
1. This is my favorite idea so far! These are Aztec-style earrings that you use image-transferring to make. I've added the link to the step-by-step instructions, so it should be super easy to follow!

DIY 1. Buy plates from Dollar Store 2. Write things with a Sharpie 3. Bake for 30 mins in the oven at 150° C and it's permanent! Put a recipe on, and give as a gift.
2. I don't have the link for this diy project, but I do have the instructions. First, find some plates at Dollar General and a fine Sharpie Magic marker. Write your message on the plate, bake in the oven at 150* for 30 minutes, let cool, and it's permanent! Makes a great gift!
crayon art by edsuther
3. This one is really easy. All you have to do is arrange the crayons in the pattern you want and take a hair dryer and run it over the crayons until they have melted enough for you. It works best to blow from behind the crayons. On this heart, work from the inside out. And you should maybe secure the crayons somehow too! :)
Crayon Art by just_jen
4. This is really the same idea as the previous one, but just another way to do it! Notice they only use certain colors instead of all of them.
5. Now in order to appreciate this last one, you'll have to be a bit redneck like, a watcher of Duck Dynasty, and have a couple of funny bones in your body! These are Duck Dynasty Inspired Mason Jar Wine Glasses. Here's the link:
There are SO many more great ideas on Pinterest, but a girl can only post so many! Hope you enjoyed them. 

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