Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bye, Bye, Summer!

*sniffle* Yesterday was the last day of summer, and as much as I love fall... I don't think I was quite ready to lose certain privileges that you can only have during the summer.
Anyway, I thought I might post a few random pictures from this past summer.. Hope ya like 'em!

Meet my top models, the cattle next door and I have a very good working relationship! Let's say we've bonded through the lens of my camera!

This was when we were flooding a lot. A couple of feet under the surface of the water is the bridge, when the water level is low it is usually around 7-8 feet deep on the south side of the bridge... Wonder what it was here?!?!

Fine. Be that way... (I take it they don't like me anymore!)

Thanks for listening to me ramble! Have a great day, Ashleigh.

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