Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow, Sleds, and Crashes

I'm tired. That and I need a break. So what do I do? I start a blog post. But anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures from a snow sledding adventure a few days back. That's what this post was for.

Not tell you all about my lovely day.

Which really hasn't been all that lovely.


We had a lot of fun sledding! Of course there were some crashes. A few thought they were going to die... Then were afraid that they wouldn't! (See above picture for example)

And then there were the cute ones...

What a crew!

Some found that excessive speed, steep hills, snow, and dips (coming up really fast!!) do not go well together.

"Ugg.. I think I'm dead."

"Nope. Wait. My head! It's here! I'm still alive!!"

"Woha, buddy! Coming in a little fast, don't ya think?"

"Brakes! Brakes! I need brakes! Not gonna make it… Oh dear..." *Thud* 
"Never mind. I'm good!"


"Hey, this sledding thing isn't half bad! Peace, bro."

"Hey guys! I've got a brilliant idea! Lets chain ourselves together and fly down a hill at mach one!"

"We can fly! We can fly!"
*Others violently yelling "This shouldn't be happening!! This really shouldn't be happening!!"*

"Not bad! Wanna go again?"

"Heck yea! Why not..."

Well, that's about the extend of our little expedition.

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