Monday, May 26, 2014

A Walk Around The Farm

I went for a walk around the farm this afternoon. Just as you step outside the garage door, you're greeted with the sight of six little kittens and a very protective mother (for an example of how protective she is, just ask our dog what happens when he gets within ten feet of her babies!)

 I was sitting right beside the kittens when all of a sudden, a horrendous racket started right behind me. Guess who it was? The turkey toms that have nothing better to do than quietly sneak up on poor unsuspecting people and cats.

 I wasn't the only one that jumped! The noise brought up quite a few little heads.

 Everywhere I went, the turkey boys had to follow and cackle along right behind me.

 We made a pit-stop in the garden and checked out the plants. The mint is loving the rain we've been getting! 

After that, I went out to check on the turkey hen maternity ward. Can you find the babes?

 Sadly, there are only two left out of the original four in this brood. But they're happy and healthy!

 Tom was getting rather fed up with my ignoring him and his howling, so he decided to start putting on a show.

 (Side note - The peaches are growing!)

I finally sat down and gave Tom the attention he thought he deserved…

After a bit, he decided he'd had enough of me and went to sleep.

Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  1. Your little kittens are so cute! All of your photos are lovely. =)

  2. I am so fascinated with your life on a farm!!! It must be so cool to have all those animals running around not to mention all the fresh food.

  3. Thank you both! Healing Tomato - While we can get quite a bit of food off our farm with the fruit trees and garden, we still get most of it at Walmart! Thank you for the kind comments though!! :-)


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