Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kittens, Ducklings & Turkey Poults

It is definitely spring around here! We've got kittens in the garage, ducklings coming out of the woodwork (no, not really, but they seem to be!), and turkey poults popping up right and left.

The babies are growing quickly! As you can see, we only have six now. Sadly, a couple of them didn't make it…

Here's a pair of the ducklings. There are several more we need to move from the incubator in the morning.

 Here's one of the turkey poults in the incubator. 

 And here's a strange picture. This one was lying under the heat lamp earlier (that's why the picture is red) and I guess it was soaking up some sun! No, it wasn't dead or hurt, if you tapped the side of the stock tank it hopped up. 

 And then here's my favorite picture! This nest of babies is what I found while on the phone earlier. Needless to say, I hung up quite quickly! We knew there were eggs under the hen, we just didn't know her eggs had hatched! A couple of these four little angels were under an old tractor away from mama and couldn't find their way back. Mama was squalling and the babes were squealing! Nobody was happy. So we picked them up and took them back to the nest. They're fine now, all safe and happy!

Night all!

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