Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Little Mistake...

     All it took was the little mistake of forgetting we had bags of sourdough starter that needed given to friends, and BOOM!! The day to make it all has arrived and the starters have still not left our kitchen. So, as of this moment I've made 11 loaves of "Amish Friendship Bread" and have at least three starters left. I ended up cleaning out every loaf pan between my mom and grandma; in other words, I'm sick of bread! Thankfully, I wasn't alone in making the bread; I was accompanied by my trusty cat "Hoss".

This is what it looks like when we forget about those sourdough starters… The entire kitchen looked like this! 

 Every once in awhile, I would pop my head out the front door to grab a breath of semi-cool air. Here's what I would see… Strange how they just stared at me...

As I just stated, Hoss never left my side (I wonder if it had anything to do with the large bowls of milk he would receive?) After I finished cleaning off the bar, I went to wash dishes and he seemed to think it was his job to sleep on, around, under, or beside my feet. Strange cat.

Ugg… My being in the kitchen has rarely ever ended up perfect. This is definitely not one of those perfect moments! (I'm referring to the ponds that made themselves at home in several of the loaves.)

Just one of those things that I felt like sharing! 

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