Monday, June 23, 2014

From Floor to Roof

This post is to show what got done in one week. We went from having just the foundation and floor on Monday to have the walls up, the rafters in, and the roof on by Friday! Since it rained hard yesterday, it wasn't worked on today and probably won't be tomorrow. 

 Like I said, we had this Monday - The foundation and floor. A bit of a side note - Our Siamese tom cat, Sammy, will sometimes crawl through the openings you see on the right side, and spend most of the entire day down in the dark sleeping. If he hears us out there working in the afternoon, he'll hop out and then shake his head and wander around blindly because he's been in the dark for so long. It's something to watch!

After the walls were put up, then came the fun part of lifting the rafters into place on top of the walls.

 And here's what it looks like today! The roof is on, walls are up, and rafters are in.

 For now, the rafters are covered in plastic wrap to keep the dust and water off.

 Here's the pretty view from the new room where we can see the river behind the house.

So it isn't even close to done, but it's coming along quite well. Like I said in the first post about this project, it's just too much fun not to share!


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