Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Happens When It Rains...

Because of my family being a part of VBS at our church, my blog has had very little TLC this past week. But I'm working on fixing that! So here's a post that was meant to be a posted few days ago.
In the past week or two, we've had several inches of rain. Have you ever wondered what happens when you combine kids + pond + pasture + mud? The results end up something like the following....

 One kid finds a water hole, calls the other kids, and the fun begins! Pretty soon, the water hole has turned into a mud pit, the four-wheelers are mud trucks, and the kids are... Well, I guess they're still kids underneath a three-inch-thick coating of mud!

 After we had played around in the water hole (AKA - Mud pit), they decided it was time to clean up. So what do they do? Head to the pond to catch frogs, of course!

 Catching frogs requires a certain amount of stealth and coordination. It also requires stomping around in the weeds and then running towards the person on the four-wheeler (with the camera), screaming, whenever something that feels alive and "not-weedish" touches a hoof (yes, I know, technically, it's a foot. But at this present time, I'm going with hoof.)

 After a bit, the older two decided they were pretty dog-gone brave if they could make it out to the middle. About halfway out there, they took off screaming for the shore. Apparently, the brave factor had departed!

 But, after I got back from a quick run to the house, here's what I found. They had summoned up their courage, made their way to the middle and back (safely, of course, and with all toes still intact!), and then decided it was safe enough to crouch down in the water. Of course, that wasn't all that I found after running to the house....

The five-year-old's blue jeans.  

All of this thanks to those wonderful rains we've been getting! (No, that was not sarcasm! We're quite thankful for the rain!!)

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