Monday, June 2, 2014

Good Times!

Yesterday afternoon and evening were spent with a group of friends, riding fourwheelers and enjoying a meal together. We started out riding around in a wooded area where there was a small cabin and clearing. We had a great time! Here's a few of the pictures I took while we were partying:

 Here's the little cabin; it even had a loft and stove! 

Three of the younger ones decided it was time to relax in the loft. 

My favorite part of the cabin (besides the loft and stove!) was the Buffalo Bill picture that hung up beside the doorway.

At some point in the afternoon, while riding the numerous trails, we were shown this deer stand.

There was also a hand-dug well we checked out. The rope was broke, so you couldn't use it very well, but it was still neat to look down!

After all of this fun, we went back to the cabin to play a game. Basically, there were about five or six tree stumps with notches cut out in them. You'd lay a board between a couple of the stumps and get someone to stand on it….

Then, people would continue to climb on…

Until you reach about six or seven people…

Then, the last person that climbed on would reach down, pick up the board behind them and hand it down the line until the first person could drop it into the notches on the next stump.

Once you've made it to the last stump, the last person picks up the boards as they go and everyone hops off. It was fun! I preferred being on the ground and taking pictures, but I did try it once. 

Random fact - Total, we had around 10 atvs ripping around throughout the evening.
Another random fact - Nobody got a ride in an ambulance!

Here's the group shot. Usually, I'm forced into it, but this time I made it behind the camera!

Of course, there was only so much ridding one can take before the need to refuel is strong. So we loaded up and headed back to the house for supper!

Mmm - It was good! Burgers, hotdogs, beans, veggie salad, deviled eggs, and chips made for a picnic-style feast! Of course, you can't forget the dessert! Homemade ice-cream, some cake and rice-crispie treats topped it all off.

While we were eating, "Junior" played the role of entertainer for the evening. He would run around and hop on whoever was sitting on the ground eating. It was cute to watch!

After that, we went and rode in the back pasture a bit. Then a massive storm blew in, so we all packed up our gear and boogied towards our respective homes. 

In the end, we had a great afternoon/evening and it was a lot of fun!

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  1. Love those kind of days! Those are the memories you'll have for a lifetime! Great Post! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


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