Monday, June 23, 2014

Wheat Harvest

     This past week has marked not only the ending of wheat harvest for some of the folks around this area, but for some of my family too. Sadly, while riding with friends this time, I took very few pictures. (I know, you're gasping right now, aren't you?!) So, this post will probably be one of the shortest posts involving harvest. Most of the few pictures I took turned out rather blurry (I guess I'm too used to my big camera and have lost the "Powershot touch"!) But one pic did turn out pretty. I took it right after we had finished cutting in a field and the sun was beginning to set.
     In between "helping" unload the grain (I actually turned out to be a pretty good "supervisor"!) and eating wheat kernels, I would sit in the cab of the truck and watch as the combine swept through the fields, leaving behind a windrow of wheat straw. Since last year's wheat harvest, I'd forgotten how itchy grain dust and chaff could be! I'm sad to say that a couple of times I made the mistake of standing in the way of the dust cloud.. Hopefully, I'll remember this handy little piece of wisdom for next year.


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