Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Decor

I love Thanksgiving! So much orange and red around us, the smells, the leaves, and most of all? The food! And so, with Thanksgiving on my mind and it only a week away, I wanted to post a few cute craft/decor ideas I ran across. Enjoy!

DIY Thanksgiving Votives | In The Next 30 Days
These are quite simple. Just find some matching clear glass jars/cups/glasses (maybe canning jars?) and fill 3/4 of the way with lentils, beans, cranberries, corn kernels, wheat, milo, etc. You could even do several different kinds, giving it a "layered" look. Place a small candle in the jar and then poke in a few leftover beans around the sides.

Take small pumpkins or gourds, trace around the outside of the candle you want to put in them, and then cut out the tops following your trace. Place in your little candle!

All you'll need is some white pumpkins and berry-twigs. Wipe off the pumpkins and wrap the berries around them, secure with a little hot glue.

If you still have a few leaves around your house that have a bit of green in them and aren't completely dry and crunchy, simply take some beader's wire and string the leaves on it, close to the stem (where they might be a bit stronger). Hang over a doorway or fireplace.

15+ DIY Thanksgiving Decorations
I'm crazy 'bout wreaths. I love 'em. Their simple, easy, and look really pretty! I have no link for this picture, but it's just an idea to help your wheels get a turnin'!

Start a tradition, like this DIY Thanksgiving gratitude tree.
This is a great idea and you could either have one per person or just one for the whole family. Cut out leaves and think of one thing you're thankful for every day during November. I know it's a little late to start this now, but you could do it for the month of December. Maybe...

diy thanksgiving table decorations apples place cards

Place holders? Small, sweet, and quite cute. Plus the guests can take their apples home with them!

diy thanksgiving decorations wheat stalks bundle candles

I really like this idea! Only thing I'm missing is the wheat.... But I can substitute, right?

13 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces
 This idea calls for popcorn kernels, jars or candle holders, small metal discs, candles, acorns, a bowl and a few leaves. Place your jars or candle holders in the bowl and dump the acorns around them. Fill the jars 1/2 full with the popcorn kernels, place the metal disc on top of them, and then place the candle on top of that. Add a couple of leaves for decor and you're done!

Print and cut out some letters and tape them inside some small candle holders. Take a paint marker and trace around them on the outside and then fill it in. Let them dry, remove the letters and tape, then fill with rocks, grains, seeds, moss, or nuts and place on a tray or arrange over a fireplace mantle.

Peel off most of the husks off the corn ears and place around a large candle holder or vase. Wrap tightly with a bow and enjoy!

Thanksgiving table decor, pumpkins in glass vase

 This is super simple. A tall glass vase and lots of little pumpkins. Simply layer those little babies inside the vase and place on the table. A conversation starter and pretty centerpiece done in less then 20 seconds!

DIY Thanksgiving placemats

"I'm Thankful For" place mat.

pilgrim chipmunks with silverware, fun fall decorations
Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, from my friends and I!

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