Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scottsville, Minneapolis, and Rock City, KS

Yesterday, my family and I took a nice long road trip. We had six hours of truck time to sit and stare at each other. It was great. Really. We actually did have a good time (setting the upset stomachs aside) and we got to see some great sights! Here's a few pics:

 Welcome to tiny, little Scottsvile!

 This building now has a basketball court inside it…

 We think this one was a service station.

 This was a bank. Love the doorway and pillars! 

 I was supposed to take a picture of the waterfall in the background, but it didn't work… Oops!

Welcome to Rock City! Home to 200 Dakota sandstone concretions.

Some of the concretions are up to 27 feet in diameter and 15 feet high.

Aren't they amazing???
Have a great evening!

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