Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Wonderful Mutt...

Have you ever wondered why a perfectly healthy dog (I would say normal, but I'm not sure that applies to this mutt!) would go stand in the middle of a culvert?
Stand there with the ice and water.
Stand there for seven whole hours.
Stand there even when there's a backhoe making horrible sounds above him.
Stand there even when dirt and rocks are falling all around him.
Nope. I'd never even thought about it. Or at least I hadn't until recently when our dog decided to do just that.
So we (being the nice people we are) pull out the backhoe and head down to the culvert.

We start digging and scratching around trying to scare him out and what does he do? Look around, take a step forward, five steps backwards, and then he drops. He just drops right there and looks at us!

So we halt all digging, head over to the hole...

And stick our heads inside. Finally we decide it's not worth digging up the whole culvert and ruining the driveway, so he can come out when he wants to...
Later that night, we go out to do chores and start calling for the cats so we can feed them and look at what comes running!!

Jack! With not a scratch on him. (The picture is a bit blurry because he wouldn't hold still and stop wagging his little stump of a tail long enough for me to snap a clear picture of him!)


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