Friday, January 3, 2014

Almost A Year In Pictures

Today, because it's Friday and I'm bored.. I wanted to share some pictures from this past year with ya'll! Some you might have seen before, others you haven't. (There's alot of 'em.. So if you just want a quick glance, I'd forgo reading this one 'till a little later!)

 "One sheep. Two sheep. Three sheep..."
 "What?!? You with the camera again?!?"
 This was when our corn field was underwater (as was everything around our place!)
 Wheat harvest.

This is my lil' buddy from VBS!

 These pics were from corn harvest.
 I was bored. So I canned lots of apples. I needed help... Badly..

 Fish fry!

 This was when I was helping the guys tear apart some old train box cars. It was very, very dusty. But fun!

"Hey cuz! What's up?"
"Chocolate-Oreo Pie. That's what!"


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