Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve!

It's almost a new year! This past year has been great. I've accomplished things I thought I would fail, started a blog, made new friends, gone to new places, tried new foods, read new books, and learned new things.

Abraham Lincoln once said: "I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday."

Every past year, I've created my list of resolutions. They usually didn't last much more than the first couple of days into the new year, before I had blown them. This year I'm hoping that will change. And in order to do that, I need a realistic list. One that I can actually follow and hopefully add to in the future. So here's a little bit from my list:

1. Yea, it's a little messy... But it's not a dump. Or is it?
Yep. This is one area that could use more than a little help. My desk, my other desk, my bedroom, and surrounding rooms.. They all need a little help. So I'm hoping to clean up my act in this area. My solution? YouTube tutorials and baskets. Lots of pretty green and brown baskets! Lots and lots. That and I'm being told to ditch some of my books. (I know. Impossible, right? That's exactly what I said! Let's just make the closet bigger!) So maybe I'll end up giving away a few.. Maybe. But I hope not.

2. Travel!
I love to travel! I have this whole list for places I want to go someday. For this present new year, I'm hoping for Hawaii and New Orleans. Two very different worlds. Worlds I'm really, really wanting to explore!

3. Finish The Darn Novel Already!
So, yes, I love to write, but, I don't like to sit and work on my stories. I have one novel in particular that's coming along quite well. I just can't seem to hold onto enough patience to work through it slowly and thoroughly and not want to rush through. So I work on it in bits and pieces, maybe a chapter or so every once in awhile when I have time to sit and type. My goal is to have it done my the time I'm 85, but I've always liked to think of myself as an over-achiever. So maybe I'll hit that goal at 75. Maybe. (I know I'm really pushing myself here!) So for this next year, I'd like to get more of it put together and then maybe this time next year I can soothe myself to sleep with a lovely rough draft of it!

4. This Blog
I love my blog and I love hitting that little publish button, but its come to my attention that there are some major things that need changed. Now don't get me wrong, I won't change anything and then leave you hanging wondering what I did or anything. I do think it needs a little updating and revising. So if you start noticing some little changes here and there, don't be alarmed! (If I do anything drastic, say change the web address or such, I'll be sure to fill ya in!)

So these are just a few of the items for this next year (about 3 minutes away now). I have some more, but those I'm not gonna post! Hopefully you have had a great year and next year will be even better!
Happy New Year!

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