Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Bird's Eye View

This afternoon we were in the process of cleaning up around our farm and we found that our zip-line needed some tightening. So we tightened it and then my brother and I hitched a ride on the forks of the forklift. Before long, we were 20 feet above the ground… then 30… and finally 42 feet above the earth. If you want to get technical, my camera was approximately 48 feet above the third planet from the sun… AKA, Earth. Thankfully, I had my camera strapped around my neck and so I snapped a few pics.

On a side note, if it hadn't been for the fact that I wanted pictures so badly, I'm sure I would have passed out… Ugh, I've found that heights (that include standing on a pallet on two forks almost 50 above the ground) and I do not get along!
On the bright side, it's amazing how far you can see!

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