Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Favorite Etsy Finds

     Etsy is a amazing site full of crafty ideas and little projects. Not only does it have a wide market of handmade items, but it also is host to a huge amount of vintage wares as well. If something is considered vintage, it has to be at least over 20 years old to be sold on Etsy. You never know what all you might find, so I've compiled a list of my favorite ideas. Maybe these will help kick start some creative thinking of your own...

I love looking for camera straps and I love leather; so when I saw this I was thrilled. It's the same thing that guitar straps are made of, so it's quite large and comfortable. $32, a lot less than some of the other leather straps I've seen!

I don't know why I liked these so much. Probably because they're very unique bookmarks. These are copper feather bookmarks. They come in a set of three (for less than $4!) and have the hole at the end to thread through beads, ribbons, etc. If you'd like another kind of metal bookmark, click on their store as they have several others.
You can find them here: 3 Copper Feather Bookmarks

I love terrariums! This one is especially neat because of the Marimo, shells, and water inside it. A Marimo is a living Japanese moss ball, these little babies are found only in a handful of small lakes in Japan and even have a yearly festival held in their honer! A super easy plant to care for, they only require low lighting and an occasional water change. They're $25 and the shop only ships in the US.
You can find them here: Marimo Terrarium

This would make a great gift for that geo-lovin', traveler, or map-lovin' person in your life. Coasters, are something almost everyone needs/uses and these have the extra bonus of a 1954 student map on top. Great conversation starters, too! They're $24 for a set of six coasters. 
You can find them here: Set of 6 World Map Coasters

This is another great idea I love. Very similar to the next idea, but not quite. These wall planks are very versatile, they hold flowers or herbs, but can also hold cotton balls, q-tips, etc in the bathroom. Made of recycled wood that is weathered and rustic, and can be made custom. One plank of jars is $25.
You can find them here: Mason Jar Wall Hanger Planter

This is a more expensive version of the one right before this. For $85 you will receive a custom repurposed window shutter, 4 mason jars, a bag of stones (to go in the bottom of the jars), and a few pages of herb growing tips. It has a strip of burlap at the top of the shutter in order to hang it in your kitchen (or any other room). 
You can find this item here: Recycled Shutter Mason Jar Herb Garden

Love this idea! For $25, a set of 3 hand painted pint mason jars. One in dark brown, one tan, and one pink. You can email the creators for a custom order if you like. (Flowers and tablecloth aren't included.)  I think these would be some great center pieces with some flowers inside…. Hmm.. Brainstorming in process!
You can find them here: Set of 3 Mason Jar Vases

I've wanted a set of these towels for a long time! Maybe I'll finally break down and buy a set. This is a screen printed towel (for $15 a piece) and would be great to hang in a country themed kitchen. 

My last great find on Etsy was this little cork garden. For $14 you will receive 4 little zen inspired wine cork planters with hand drawn lines and stamped with Chinese characters meaning "health", "good luck", "longevity", and "love". The centers are drilled out for you to fill with soil and little herbs or succulents. 
You can find them here: Mini Wine Cork Garden

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! 

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