Sunday, March 30, 2014

Small Town USA

I am so thankful that I live in rural America. I've been to some large cities in California, Alaska, Texas, etc; and I have to say that every time we go it makes me appreciate our quiet home in the country even more! The traffic, noise, and tight spaces have always bothered me. Some of my favorite little things about small towns are:

- You can go to an public auction and right before you buy something, the auctioneer tells you that someone will help you load the item, but today only. Not tomorrow, as it's Sunday and we will all be in church.

- Your neighbors are always willing to lend a helping hand. You know that you don't need to worry about your animals while on a trip, the neighbors are more than happy to take care of them for you!

- Everybody knows everybody. There is no such thing as a stranger in a small town. (This can be both good and bad!) When someone gets married; everyone knows. Someone is having a baby? Don't bother sending out announcement cards, they all already know!

- It's perfectly normal to see tractors and machinery driving down main street in town on any given day.

- When it's Sunday, it's Sunday. Don't go expecting businesses in town to be open; you'll just have to wait until tomorrow or drive 30 minutes until you get to a town big enough to have a Walmart.

- During harvest, it isn't unusual to see close to half of the vehicles on the roads are grain trucks. Most every field (of whatever is being harvested at that currant time) has a combine, trucks, and people in it.

- You can drive down a dirt road with the average small town farmer and he can tell you the name of every owner/farmer of every cow/calf and piece of land within a twenty mile radius.

- You can walk into a restaurant and know just how good or bad your service will be by seeing who is waiting on you.

- You can leave your keys in the car and the house unlocked at night, and wake up the next morning with everything still there!

- And lastly, the stars. You can see every star from your front porch! I bet you can't do that in the big city....


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