Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas is finally here! I've been looking forward to this day since last Christmas. Last night, my family opened our presents after the Christmas Eve program. Then today, some of us went to our grandparents. (Those of us that weren't sick.)
Those who went had a great time.
I ate way too many cookies and peanut-butter balls.
I did feel semi sick afterwards, but I'm hoping that it's only due to the overload of cookies and that I'm not coming down with what the rest of my family has.
Wanting for it to only be from the cookies!

Jake got a toy Peterbilt last night (complete with trailer and hay bales) that he absolutely loved!
(From today) These are my grandma's cookies... I have no words... Well, maybe one. Yummy!!

Grandpa got this amazing picture from Vegas. A guy made it with two aerosol cans and paper from a phone book. (Yep, I know. Wow!)

Now just because today is a holiday, doesn't mean that our animals understand that and accept the fact that we want to relax instead of doing chores. I've tried explaining it to them, but they just won't let us off the hook.
So we comply and feed them even though it's Christmas Day.
Even though we want to relax.
Even though we've eaten tons of cookies and feel like beached whales.

And of course, chore time was a perfect opportunity to test out my new camera. I still haven't figured out what half of the buttons and knobs do, but I guess that's where reading the manual might come in handy. Just maybe.

Yes, Tom. I know you're thirsty. I'm working on finding a non-frozen hydrant. I'm coming, I'm coming...

Hello beautiful!

Hopefully, you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas!
Enjoy your evening,

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