Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Wonderland? Not So Much!

It's only 20 some degrees outside right now. It's frigid. So how do you beat the cold on evenings like this?? Light a fireplace, make a pot of soup, set up the Christmas tree, and listen to Christmas music all night? Right on! (You are so smart! How did you guess??)
"Eek!! Please. Ditch that camera!!" Poor Sammy...

"What's that you say? This is ice? Then that would explain why I'm still running on dry!"
This afternoon I went out to do animal chores. It was awful! By the time I headed back towards the house my fingers were turning colors, I couldn't feel my toes, and my face was on fire! (Weird. I know.) If you must leave your warm house in the next few days, please, be sure your gloves have all their fingers intact! It really helps...

Turns out the water hydrant was frozen by the bird pens and chicken house, so we got to lug our water from another hydrant over to fill up all the pans. But before that we got to break the ice in them.. Yay.. Not really.. Yuck.
Can you tell that I'm not the cold weather (but no snow) kinda person? I like my warm little air bubble complete with hot cocoa, a movie, and cookies in the house. If there's snow and a snowmobile waiting for me outside then I'm always in! But if there's no snow and it's just cold, then I'm out. All the way out..

Even the trees were starting to get covered in ice. Which was kinda sad looking at the little buds on some of them.

Hope you have a great (and warm) evening!

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