Monday, April 14, 2014

For the Love of Travel

Don't you just love to travel? Not everyone does, but I most certainly do! I have a rather broad list of places to go to. France and Italy are ranked up on the top of the list, while some states such as Texas, Montana, New Mexico and Alaska are next. Here's a few of my favorite places and why I want to go to each!

1. Paris, France
     Even as a little girl, I've always loved Paris. The food, the Eiffel tower, and just the thought of being in Paris!
     The food is one of the main things that pulls me to Paris, especially recently. Crepes, Cream Brûlée, Mousse, Pot de Creme, Eclair, Profiterole (Cream Puffs), and lastly, Ice Cream (Yep! I'm being serious 'bout that.)
     Between all of those amazing little items and then the thought of seeing the Eiffel tower at night with all the lights on, oh my.

2. Italy
     With Italy, I'm not as specific about what I want to see like I am with France. Or at least that's what I thought until I started researching it!
     Italy is home to some amazing Italian chefs such as Massimo Bottura and Benedetta Vitali. The cuisine of Italy can claim roots as far back as the 4th century. Many famous desserts also come from Italy; such as, Cannoli, Biscotti, Pizzelle, and Sfogliatelle. As for places to visit, the Leaning Tower of Piza is definitely on that list (yes all 296 steps!), as is the famous town of Pompeii and the Colosseum of Rome.

3. New Mexico or Mexico (Maybe both!)
     I have an obsessive love for Mexican food. That and Spanish. And pictures of peppers drying in the sun. And- You get the point. I love most things Mexican! So why not go to Mexico? That's a great idea!
     Mexico is famous for their salsa, chilies (did you know these little babes are actually a fruit, not a vegetable? Neither did I!), and chocolate. Some say that the Mexican Hot Chocolate at Café Pasqual's is worth a trip to Mexico alone. Maybe I'll find out for myself one day!
     Not only does Mexico boast many wonderful foods, but it's also a place of historical thrills. For those of us that are new history buffs, it's fascinating to look at some of the places such as Palenque, the ruins of of an ancient Maya city; Copper Canyon, a series of canyons that are several times bigger than the Grand Canyon; and El Castillo, the temple-pyramid of the largest of Maya cities, Chichen Itza.

4. Texas
     Texas has always been another of my favorite places; sure I've been there a few times, but we didn't actually taste the foods or visit the sites. Foods from Texas are genuinely thought of as somewhat inspired by Mexican food and always hearty. "True" Texan food is never thought of as light or portioned small.
     A few of the more notable cuisine items are Chicken Fried Steak, chips and salsa (yes, in both Mexico and Texas), chips and queso (The more filling sibling of salsa. Where one is, they both should be), BBQ (Texas is king of BBQ, any kind you want, they got it!), chili, pecan pie, and sweet tea.
     For those of you that love a challenge, the Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo has the steak for you! A 72-ounce steak, roll, potato, and salad, free of charge, and to be eaten in an hour or less. If you can't stomach the whole meal, you'll end up paying around $72.00 for it. (I'd love to go here, but I will definitely not be getting a free meal!) For those brave enough (and hopefully starving before they started!), they are seated on a table above the rest of the patrons with two live video cameras on them for everyone else to watch.
     Not only is the food amazing, but so are some of the places! The Alamo, the Dallas Cowboy's Football Stadium, Six Flags Amusement Park, and the Big Texan Restaurant.

Well, I'm ready to head to the airport now!
Hope ya'll are having a great day,

(Disclaimer: I claim no rights to any of the pictures on this post.)

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