Sunday, April 13, 2014


- Meet Jumper (as the five-year-old named him), the baby cottontail one of the kids rescued from the jaws of our dog. 

- We only had him for a very short time (as we took him back to the nest) but he was showered with hugs, petting, and lots of love while we held him. 

- It was amazing how tiny he was, his eyes weren't even open and he breathed so softly that you had to pay very close attention to see his little body even move.

- Another surprising factor about the little bundle was how strong those legs were! I went to move him in my hand and he started kicking me! Like I said, quite strong.

- I suppose I will just classify this as one of the things about living in the country. You never know what little people will find and bring up to the house! One day it may be a baby snake, the next day a bucket full of wild turkey eggs (yes, we quickly took them right back to the nest!), another day a baby rabbit, and yet another day they will come up to you stuttering and pulling on your sleeve.

"What's wrong?" 



"Bbbig, sssnake! Hhurry!"

- So you follow the mini explorers towards the area of concern and here there is a four foot long snake making a rattling sound! Yes indeed, it makes your blood pump faster, your breathing accelerates, and the urge to jerk the kid away and run is extremely strong!

- Anyway, I believe I got a wee bit off track.. At least I didn't launch into a complete run-down of the multiple adventures we've had. The summers always hold the promise of excitement and adventure!


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