Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Christmas Decor

It's that time of year. The time where you can think about Christmas, but not worry about it. You can plan Thanksgiving dinner, but not prepare it. And you can look forward to the Superbowl parties, but let it go no further than that.
     So because we're halfway through October, because it's cold outside, and because I love Christmas.. I decided to post a few ideas for diy Christmas decor (yes, the rumor is true... I'm obsessed with diy projects). I found these ideas all over the net, most have links to the directions. Have fun!

DIY ornament
All you need for this one is some metal bead wire, small jingle bells and a ribbon. String the bells onto the wire and wrap in a circle. Tie with a ribbon!
DIY ornament - Try this with plastic & put it on a light box.
DIY ornament tree
DIY Glitter Ornaments
And these last four are all from the same wonderful place:

How cuteHopefully you are now inspired to try your hand at creating Christmas ornaments!

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