Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fresh, Frozen Chives?

Fresh, frozen chives? I know what you're thinking... Yuck. That's what I was thinking until I couldn't find any more regular chives in the pantry and decided to go cut the few chives we had left in the herb garden. And you know what? I'd rather use these than the dried stuff any day! 

 Start by cutting you chives off about two inches about the base of the plant, and then sort the out the dead stuff.

 Once they're all cleaned up, gently rinse them with cold water and let them air dry.

Chop them finely.

 And measure a tablespoon into each pocket on an ice cube tray. Fill with water and then freeze.

Once frozen, you can either leave in the tray or place cubes in a bag and keep in the freezer. Now just grab a tablespoon of fresh chives when you need it!

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