Friday, October 25, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

The park and Walter's Pumpkin Patch were our stops for today. We had a great time!

 At the Pumpkin Patch, I found a friend right before the wagon ride started. Isn't he cute?

 Halfway through the wagon ride, we made a pit stop at one of the pumpkin fields to pick out our own pumpkins.

 And they let you pick all the seeds you wanted from the fields..

 I just thought this pumpkin was kinda pretty... That's all!

 These slides were a lot of fun. For those of us over 5', you kind of needed to duck your head or you'd be hitting it all the way down!

Goat headed up...
 Thank you for attempting to stick your nose up my camera... 

 "Look! See? No gravity!!!"

 One of the things our guide told us was that because the Pumpkin Patch has to get rid of the leftover pumpkins around the end of October (so they don't reseed and cross-pollinate), they bring in cattle and let them eat the pumpkins in all of their fields. He said that once the cattle know what a pumpkin is, they absolutely love 'em! So that's around 28 acres of pumpkins for dinner!

 Combine turned playground.
Ahh.. The maize. The maize we got lost in... Well, not really, just confused. And did we ever find the finish line? No. We gave up and walked all the way back to the beginning to get out! 

Yay! We. Are. Out!!!

Let's go warm up, shall we?

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