Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More DIY Projects!

Now that it's fall and cooler outside, we'll have little bit more time indoors.. right? So why don't we do a few crafts??? Here's a few ideas, only thing is I couldn't find any links for them... So I guess we'll wing it!

I love this idea! It's cute and you can write anything you want. Maybe use your last name and have it like a welcome sign??

This is a trash can that was spray painted and then flipped over. Love it.

This is really cool but id make a design in it or use multiple colors
I just thought this one was pretty, only thing I would change is that I would want several colors and/or a pattern.

And this is my favorite idea, take little beads and melt them in a metal cake pan, drill a hole, and hang with fishing string!

Have a great day!

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