Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Sunday, some of my family and I set out for a Sunday afternoon drive. We figured we'd be gone for a while, but we didn't expect to drive over 115 miles! Being the crazy person I am, I ended up sitting down too fast after standing on the running-board of our truck to take a picture, and I smashed my head into the doorframe. It made quite the thunk and I've still got a big bump on my head... Ugh, where's my Pepsi and Ibuprofen??? 

At first, we saw farmers all over cutting milo (having loads of fun with the terraces!) and planting wheat.

And then it started getting more and more desolate the further into the hills we got.

Soon our gravel road turned to little more than an old cowpath. (I think we left some black paint on most of the branches that scraped us.)

One of our cheery adventurers commented that we were basically driving in a pasture, if it wasn't for the fences on either side of us.

I counted at least 3 big balls of barbed wire. I think we need some for the front yard!

Help me!!! I have no cell phone signal!!! 

It was sad to see all of the old abandoned pens and such...

I think that this hill would be fun during the winter, after a heavy snow and with a sled.

We weren't sure if would make it through this washout!

See??? There's a REAL road up there!!!

But we weren't done with our drive just yet. We had to go check out some more minimum to no maintence roads in the county.

Have a great day! Ashleigh

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